Cybertruck is the Wrong Direction

I was happy that Tesla was making an electric truck. The direction they decided to go with is a sad missed opportunity. Their other vehicles have been a great way to get a larger audience for electric cars. I drive a Nissan Leaf, which I am big fan of, but I know that the design is not winning anyone over who isn't already into electric cars. To slow global warming emissions big vehicles that use a lot of gas need to be electrified.

Trucks are great, they are functional, and they are beautiful. They are a statement. It is very easy to romanticize trucks. Instead of embracing the romantic and practical aspects of the truck Tesla chose to fully embrace the violent, personal tank, version of trucks. The thing they built is a personal tank, it is not practical for people who use a truck for work. Maybe it will sell well to some market, but it won't be to people who are replacing their F150. Which to me was the whole point.