October in Review

Looking back it was quite a month. I had a very important relationship milestone and marked with my first tattoo, the number 10, in a digital font. The tattoo has many layers of meaning for me and the holder of its matching tattoo. It's very special and I feel loved.

At work we launched a new version of our software and had some other productive milestones.

I reached a health (weight) milestone.

All in all I feel pretty good? I've been attempting to insert myself into my own life more.

This lizard lived in my houseplants for a few days before I coaxed it back outside. I thought about leaving it in the house but thought it should be outside with the delicious bugs and its lizard friends. It did motivate me to get more plants and turn the dining room into a jungle. I am millennial, I need houseplants, not a dining room.

I got the clam of my dreams. Really. Actually it isn't a dream come true, because it never even occurred to me I might get this species of giant clam.

Its been nearly two months since I got rid of social media (expect for linkedin... sigh) and I don't miss it particularly. Though not having social media is kinda lonely. I don't know that that gets mentioned in think pieces about giving up social media. I have trimmed a lot of digital outlets and services from my life. I am attempting to get rid of as much as I can so I can see what I miss. In place of social media I have been listening to records and reading fiction. Which is lovely. I also watch a shit load of youtube and scroll through the web. So don't give me medal quite yet.

It feels like I haven't done much with friends this month but I don't think that is really true? The month started with a big party. I've had more time to myself which I think contrasts the time spent with others. Some dear friends had a party to celebrate their marriage. I went to the market with friends a couple times. Walked dogs with friends. I am friends with my coworkers, which is a new one to me. I caught up with my cousin. I politely declined some invitations. My rule has been to go to something if I am at all interested and politely decline if I know I don't want to go. I have hard time saying no. Something to work on.