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i can't remember the last time i was in an argument. but that's my personality. watching people who argue often it seems like their arguments are frequently rooted solely in their tone of voice. where the topic and the tone do not match. which causes others to feel defensive and respond with a similarly angry tone. starting with calm and kind tone is probably more effective. to be fair that is just how some people communicate. maybe it can help to pay attention to others and your own tones.

Build a gig bag with all the adapters, plugs, slide remote, etc. that you could possibly need to save the show.

The audience doesn't know the drama that happened behind the scenes, don't bring it with you on stage.

You set the tone of the room that your guests have to deal with. Be kind.

Be overly generous to the people working in the venue.

Say thank you and be grateful for everyone who took time out of their life to come to your event.

I work in financial planning, an industry dominated by grey haired people in suits. And I frequently get asked about how to get more young people in the industry. Here are some thoughts about changing the demographics of an organization.

Recognize the biases in your org and actively recruit people to your organization to correct those biases.

Their titles should be the same as others in the organization. For instance “financial advisor” not “nextgen financial advisor”

Recruit them to be in leadership positions and trust them.

Remember millennials are just regular adults at this point.

If someone orders chips and queso and they leave it in the middle of the table where they have to reach to dip a chip, it is meant to be shared. Enjoy.

Make a point to chat with everyone in your group and ask them about themselves.

The bill is split based on what you ordered, unless there was a prior agreement Don't propose evenly dividing the bill once the meal already started.

Be overly kind to waitstaff. Say please and thank you.

Practicing etiquette is about helping others feel welcome and at ease.

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